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External Research Cooperation

External Research Cooperation

Dekang persists in the external industry-university-research cooperation and has already built long-term strategic partnership on scientific research with many famous colleges. We are the first vaping company who started the toxicology study on e-liquid, which consolidates Dekang’s leading position in e-liquid scientific research. In 2013, USF officially released “Chemical and Safety Evaluation of Changning Dekang Electronic Cigarette Refill Fluid”, proving that Dekang’s e-liquid is nontoxic.

Global Intellectual Property Rights

Dekang has put a lot of effort on R&D and technological innovation, and has already obtained hundreds of domestic and international intellectual properties. All of Dekang’s products are protected by domestic and international patents, which lays a solid foundation for enhancing enterprise innovation and competitiveness.

Global Intellectual Property Rights

Committed to Toxic and Harm Reduction

Dekang has always stayed focused on consumers’ health and continuously devoted ourself to the research & development of “Tobacco Harm Reduction Technology”. We have launched several innovative product series to provide multiple quality product solutions for our customers.

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