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DeCloud Shisha Fruits

Decloud is the result of many hardworking professionals who possess over 30 years experiencing using and manufacturing shisha products. Decloud is a unique, revolutionary shisha fruit medley.



When smoking DeCloud,the natural fruits and berries included in it are actually boiled, exuding the fruity steam, therefore we will use the term “steaming” and underline its mainadvantages:

  • It produces a soft, dense steam with a natural flavor, relaxing effect, and a sweet aftertaste leaving the scent of fresh fruit in the room.
  • Steaming manages to get rid of the main problems associated with smoking shisha containing classic tobacco, namely the process of burning it and, as a result, a burnt and bitte taste.
  • It’s easy to use and simple enough for even a beginner to prepare it without losing quality.


After painstaking selection of quality,natural ingredients and multiple testing of the final product, this new shisha fruit mixture, which can be appreciated by both amateurs and professional shisha connoisseurs, has made its debut.

DeCloud will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a new era in the tradition of shisha smoking.


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