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TIA E-cigarette

Refined, sophisticated, stylish – Tia is more than just vaping. We have taken into account your lifestyle and redesigned your vaping experience for a more stylized and feminine approach.

The Tia Elegance goes by its name; built with elegance at the heart of its creation, there is no device more perfect for that feminine touch when vaping. This device is ideal for the discreet vaper: small, compact and stream lined to fit in pockets and handbags so that you can take it to work, or out and about with the reassurance that it will look and feel like you’re carrying around just another of your accessories.


Our design is characterized around you; with the Tia Elegance, you will never need to feel overcome by having to take a conspicuous, chunky mod from your bag again. We want to give you a more personalized experience that you truly deserve when vaping. Step away from the conventional e-cigarettes and find comfort in our revolutionary design. Tia is refined and on-point for the perfect stylish appearance, so that when you choose to vape, no matter where you are, you know that you can always look and feel elegant.

TIA E-cigarette Features

  • Innovative and fashionable
  • Multiple colors and flavors for options
  • Lipstick-like and patented
  • Retractable design and easy to use
  • Compact and portable
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