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16 December 2016
DeCloud- Shisha Fruits



DeCloud - is Shisha's future

A new age demands new rules while traditions remain intact

stars no harmful combustion products
   stars fruits and natural ingredients
  stars the taste and flavor of fresh fruit
stars patented technology


Vapor produced from steaming, does not contain harmful combustion products. Soft, dense steam with a natural flavor,relaxing effect and a sweet aftertaste that quickly dissipates, leaving the scent of fresh fruit in the room;
Manages to get rid of main problems associated with smoking vapor containing classic tobacco, namely the process of burning it and, as a result, a burnt and bitter taste.
Even a beginner can prepare this vapor without losing quality;
Taste and saturation of vapor will remain unchanged all throughout the steaming;
Steaming time is increased significantly and can reach up to three hours with one fill.



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